BigBangArchive test page is now OPEN!



PASSWORD: bigbangarchive

The only section open for now is Pre-debut videos, List of songs, List of fansites and Music Video (on July 4th).

Hi VIPs!

Finally we are moving on with this big project! Here is a test page to see if our theme is user-friendly and you are welcome to suggest any ideas to improve the site. Like how we organize the links or if we should arranged it alphabetically and so on.

We are also testing the and tinypaste to see if everyone can access them. As of now we only have Mediafire, Minus and Jumbofiles links. We are considering adding torrents because MF and JF is starting to delete accounts too. All earnings from will be used to buy premium accounts to mirror our links and hopefully move this site into its own server.


  • DONATE. We need more premium accounts to prevent file deletion.
  • SUBMIT. You can submit links if you uploaded any Big Bang files or if you know any website that provides Big Bang videos we might not have it on our bookmarks yet.
  • NINJA. You can help us in looking for new and old videos. And be updated with all the future appearance of Big Bang.
  • UPLOADER. If you have a fast connection you can help us in re-uploading the files to other file hosting server as mirror links.
  • VOLUNTEER. You can also volunteer in helping us. All you need is time and dedication. You can check for videos that is missing on our list or update our tinypaste account with new links. You can also organize the files by renaming them in one format.

Your suggestions are gladly welcome! ^^

We hope you enjoy your new home ♥

omg eonnie is a vip life savior

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